White Man’s Religion? NOT Christianity!

hristianity: White man’s religion?

Martin Luther King referred to Sunday as getting “the a lot of absolute day in America.”

Truer words were never spoken.

A few years ago I was admonition and, Lord, advice me, my aperture words were, “Look around. What do you see? I see a abbey abounding of white people.” The Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others…. they’d all been there, but we had holes in our net and hadn’t been able to accumulate ’em. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is like a net, communicable ALL kinds of fish…” (Matt 13:47) and that includes atramentous ones, amber ones, red, yellow, Protestant and Catholic, young, old, macho and female.

As Americans, we generally activity an imperialistic attitude that the blow of the apple detests. Regarding American CHRISTIANS, I’ve generally heard and apprehend of third apple pastors cogent how they alone ambition they had the money the Americans aloft to yield their “missionary journeys” so that they could bigger affliction for their own families and congregations… acquirement bibles and abstraction tools, appear seminary. Can we even brainstorm a accumulation of bisected naked primitives advancing into our churches to allotment the latest “revelation” God had accustomed their tribe? Yet we absorb a affluence bridge the pond for these “life changing” (whose life?) concise missions experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I accept in missions, a lot of abnormally those geared adjoin allowance the ailing and the children, but I’ve heard too abounding belief from missionaries who accepted they acquainted they fabricated NO aberration on their missions cruise and from Nationals who could accept acclimated a nice advantageous adulation alms instead.

I already accomplished a Sunday academy chic to a allowance abounding of mostly Atramentous African pastors, their babyish frames absent aural their too-large, out-of -date apparel and ties. Between them, their congregations ranged in the breadth of 40,000 people. These apprehensive men were demography notes, allurement questions, blind on my every word. I don’t apperceive about them but, for me, THAT was life-changing! God absolve those who were astute abundant to fly these African pastors to the USA so they could acknowledgment home and advise those with whom they already had accord (key word).

Regarding this alleged “white man’s religion,” it’s accurate that some afield accept Christianity is the adoration of Whites in the aforementioned way others accede Islam to be the adoration of the Blacks. Folks, Hosea 4:6 declares, “My humans are destroyed for abridgement of knowledge….” Let us strive to KNOW the accuracy for the Scripture says, “they shall apperceive the Accuracy and the Accuracy shall set you free,”(Jn 8:32). What you’re about to read, I believe, will be VERY liberating.


Black Christianity did not alpha in America with the disciplinarian that adapted to their master’s religion. Genesis 10 shows us area all the contest originated. The Atramentous birth is presented by family, languages, locations and nations. The Bible tells us, in Genesis, that anybody began with Adam and Eve. EVERYONE! Genesis 2:7 tells us Adam was fabricated from the earth. Science has accurate that we’re all fabricated from the aforementioned abstracts as are begin in the earth. The Hebrew chat for Adam is Adahm, acceptation “red” or “from red earth.”

Yes, Adam was a getting of color!

After the flood, it was Noah and his kids that busy the apple (Acts 17:26; Gen 9:18,19). His sons were called Ham, Shem, and Japheth. These names beggarly Black, Dusky and Bright, or “fair,” respectively. Biblical historians accede that Ham is the affiliated ancestor of the Atramentous contest – the Mongoloids, Egyptians, Ethiopians, the Canaanites, and the Indians. From Shem descended the Jews, Arabs and Persians. From Japheth came the Greeks, Caucasians, Russians, the Indo-Europeans.

One Atramentous son out of three? Well, we don’t apperceive absolutely HOW aphotic the colorant was of the added two but, is that possible? With God, ALL things are possible. Face it, if YOU were the Supreme Artistic Being, wouldn’t YOU get artistic if authoritative humans and animals?

Look around. Attending in the mirror… God’s been VERY creative. Medical analysis tells us it IS accessible to accept accouchement that are actual altered in color, abnormally if one or both parents are dark-complexioned, but it’s absurd for a fair complexioned getting to aftermath a dark-skinned child. So, for Noah to accept fathered a “black” son, he or his wife had to accept been dark-skinned, too.

Logically speaking.

Noah’s son, Ham, ancestor of African and Atramentous races, had four boys… Cush, Mizraim, Phut and Canaan, Genesis 10:6. Cush was ancestor of the Ethiopians (Gen 2:13; 10:6) and the humans active aural Asia and Africa. Cush agency “black” and Ethiopia agency “man witha sunburned face.” Jeremiah13:23 says, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin…?”

Mizraim fathered the Egyptians and his name agency “children of the sun.” Eventually, they even started admiration it, but that’s addition story. Ham is acquired from the Egyptian name “Kam,” the srongest chat in the Egyptian accent for “black.” The book of Psalms refers to Egypt as “the acreage of Ham” (Ps 78:51; 105:23, 26. 27; 106:21,22). Phut was ancestor of the nation of Libya, (Ezekiel 27:10; 38:5; Jer 46:9 and Nahum 3:9). Libya agency “black” also.

Ham’s youngest son was Canaan, accursed by Noah in Genesis 9:20-26. Though we’ve all heard of Ethiopia, Egypt and Libya, aberrant how there’s no Canaan today. Note: Contrary to the teaching of SOME, it was NOT the absolute atramentous chase that was cursed, alone the Canaanites, because of Canaan’s sin. They were the aboriginal citizenry of Israel (1 Chr 4:40) but abide no more. My, how they could accept been blessed! Yes, there ARE abiding after-effects for sin, affecting even our descendants.

Noah’s sons migrated, overextension out all over the earth: Japheth’s humans to avant-garde Europe, Shem’s to the Middle East. Ham’s birth went to southern Arabia, Africa, and India. Cush had a son called Nimrod (Gen 10:10) who congenital the belfry of Babel as able-bodied as Erech, Accad and Calneh abreast the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the starting point of all acculturation (Gen 10:10; 11:1).

Cush’s birth founded able Assyria,builders of Ninevah.

The Bible gives no almanac of Phut’s genealogy.

Ham’s birth included Menelik, babyish of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, to whom Ethiopians trace their actual roots.

Joseph affiliated an Egyptian woman (Gen 41:50-52) so his sons, Manasseh and Ephraim absolutely had Hamitic (Black) blood.

Jethro was Ethiopian and adapted to Judaism because of Moses’ affidavit (Ex 18:1-12).

Moses was affiliated to an Ethiopian woman, too, (Numbers 12:1). Was she black? Could accept been! In Numbers 12, Miriam and Aaron began opposing Moses because of his Cushite (Ethiopian) wife, assuming antipathy for her ancestry. This angered the Lord and Miriam was stricken with leprosy (interestingly, this ache would not alone accomplish MIRIAM the outcast from the community, but her derma became REALLY white as a aftereffect of the disease. Poetic justice? After Moses pleaded on her behalf, God healed her and alternate her to the camp). NOTE: It is my altercation that Miriam’s REAL botheration was not so abundant with Moses’ wife as it was with his prophetic allowance and his appropriate accord with God. Perhaps she went for the accessible (Miriam’s fleshtone) rather than humbllng herself and acceptance to Moses how she envied him.

The Scripture does not announce any prohibition adjoin Jews marrying Cushites (Ethiopians) and they seemed to accept had acceptable relations with them (Amos 9:7; Ps 68:31; Zeph 3:10; Is 11:11).

Jehudi was a secretary in the king’s cloister during Jeremiah’s time and was a descendeant of Cushi (Jer 36:14,21,23) as was the astrologer Zephaniah.

From Ham’s birth came Joshua, and David’sgrandmother, Rahab, a Canaanite. Bath-sheba means”daughterof Sheba.” Sheba is listed in Ham’s ancestors registry, Genesis 7.

Bath-sheba was affiliated to Uriah the Hittite, whose roots can be traced to Ham’s grandson, Heth (Gen 10:15). King Solomon’s appearance and hair are declared as atramentous but admirable (Song of Solomon 5:10,11).

Moving to the New Testament times, advisers accept the astute men who approved the babyish Jesus (no biblical almanac of there getting alone three) were Ethiopians because the gold, frankincense, and aroma were abounding in southern Arabia and east Africa.

The Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:26-39 assuredly brought Christianity to Ethiopia.

Simon the Canaanite was advised to be a Atramentous advocate (Matt 10:4).

Simon of Cyrene, who helped Jesus backpack His cross, was apparently a brood of Ham back Cyrene was in North Africa.

Apollos (Acts 18:24) came from Ham, too. Certainly, nations that descended from Ham were there at Pentecost (Acts 2) with the enactment of the Church.

Simeon, or Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene were leaders of the Antioch Abbey (Acts 13:1). The humans of these regions were black. These were the men who advancing and commissioned the abundant advocate Paul.

JESUS: Man of Abounding Colors

Jesus was of alloyed ancestry. You heard right… Jesus was mixed! Our Lord was a getting of color! Though He was primarily Semetic, of the 5 ladies referred to in His genealogy, Tama, Rahab, Ruth, Bath-sheba, and Mary, the aboriginal four descended from Ham, Noah’s Atramentous son (Matt 1:1-16).

Let’s face it, folks, man looks at the outside, but God looks at the affection (1 Sam 16:7). It doesn’t amount if you’re blooming with orange spots! He’s not searching for appearance or concrete features. He’s not afflicted by what we attending like, talklike, or area we live. He doesn’t affliction how religious we are or how admirable our abbey is. He doesn’t affliction how we dress, drive or what church we claim.

You see, there was no allowance at the Inn if our Saviour was built-in and now He’s searching at our hearts, behindhand of our epidermal hue, to see if there’s allowance there for Him to aphorism anniversary individual’s activity as Lord.